Tenant Background Verification

An Introduction

A decade ago a hand shake was good enough to seal the deal in finalizing a tenant for a property. People really were as good as their word. In today's society a hand shake just doesn't make it.

Most landlords are familiar with walking into an apartment or house after a tenant has vacated only to find the premises in shambles, requiring almost total renovation.

Some Landlords have lost income when a tenant breaks a lease and suddenly vacates.

These can be minimized by conducting background checks before renting an apartment, condo, home or commercial space to a prospective tenant.

Elements of Tenant Verification

Address Verification
Court Database check
Current Employment Check
Previous Tenancy Verification
Personal Identification Verification
Police Record Verification
employment verification International Data Base Check

We understand that every home owner has his/her own requirements based on criteria.

We help you

Check and verify personal information including character, demeanor and manner in which your tenant maintains their personal property

Inquire about previous relationships with neighbours; any noise they or their pets may have made that disturbed others and whether they left the property in good condition.

Tenant Verification Packages

Exclusive Services

Background verification on all or any of the elements of search based on the need of the homeowner

Comprehensive Services

Background Verification and Lease Management that includes preparation of lease deed, managing and administering of the lease.

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