Credentialing / Background Check

For Employers / Recruiters

Employee background checks have become an inevitable part of the recruitment procedure - with the increasing number of people working in IT industry that has made hiring, for an organization more critical to improve the quality and safety of staff.

Employees become brand ambassadors once they are hired. It makes sense to verify the person who is going to carry the brand in and outside the organization as an employee.

For Home owners

Successful landlords know that tenant verification is the most important task when letting property. Landlordís only protection against a bad tenant is the due diligence on the tenant that helps to identify the risk

Landlords now have to protect themselves and their property from a terrorist, criminal or a person with a questionable past record disguised as a silent tenant

It a matter of credibility and value!

Risk Management

Successful companies periodically perform legal audits to ensure there are no lurking legal problems which could cost them significant money or could interrupt their business.

Due Diligence

Title Appraisal and Opinion on Immovable Properties.

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